Migwi Farm was founded in 2013 by Alice and John Migwi after we established a consistent market for our surplus kitchen garden produce. When we started farming, we were using conventional methods (basically chemical pesticides and herbicides). One day, one of the employees used his teeth to open a packet of pesticides and he started bleeding from all his orifices. Whilst he survived to tell the tales of his ordeals, we immediately changed our methods to strictly Organic.

Our main services and products include:-

-> We supply high-end restaurants and hotels with fresh fruit and vegetables with fresh fruit and vegetable value chain solutions.

-> We provide urban gardening products and solutions which include hand-made, creative and one-of-a-kind pots and planters, organic inputs, seeds, indoor and outdoor plants and ideas for small spaces.

-> Our farmshack / kibandaski restaurant serves a “home-made” style Kenyan cuisine.